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Solution: use UTF-32 encoding
var fs:FileStream = new FileStream();,FileMode.READ);
var string:String = fs.readMultiByte(fs.bytesAvailable, "UTF-32");

just my imagination : Jul 4, 2008
for last couple of days , i keep on thinking my self ..who am i i, my brain, my muscle, my body, or may be just the content in my brain…definitely i am the content in my this means that change is that content result in my change! ……so every day i am a “different me”.. yesterday me is different form today’s me, yesterday’s me is now just a part of my memory. So in my memory there are may past “me’s”. ,, this means those “me’s” are now dead… every day i create many “me’s” and every day many “me’s” die. There are some moment in my life that i never forget …those are special “me’s” of me.More of those “me” i have, more i live my life.So every day i believe we have to create those immortal “me’s” which exist though out my life. They too exist in other brain. Ok i have many “me’s”…but what if i am dead or my whole memory get erased.. this mean i am completely dead ..those whole significant “me’s” are dead…. is there a way that i can save those “me’s”?.. in other words is there a way that i can save my brain content?, that is can any body can be immortal [if not physically]. May be it is possible.We need some hardware to save our brain information.May be for this we need some thing like in matrix movie.In the movie matrix is a softeare and it operated in hardware which is human brain.Human can enter in matrix .This mean even his body is destroyed he is still safe in matrix. He is alive as long as matrix is running. There got to be some thing where we can save out brain content . If we can save our brain content and retrive it [in some fresh brain] then we are immortal.Now the question is how?How can i save my content in some storage device.Is that possible . I think that is possible. I believe we store thing in our brain in neurons. Neuron does every thing as electric pulses, so it must store thing as some kind of electric pulses or in some kind of chemical. Other option is that neuron has same kind of stare and it is used to save data in brain as we have in out computer’s primary. It uses electric charge to save data.There are already some devices to monitor brain activity , so we can surely create some device that recorded the brain activity. If we can induce same activity in other brain then we can surely transfer data to that brain. Brain activity results in storage of some data, if same activity is replicated in other brain the surely same data is going to be transfered. This means I can study hard in exam and same time record my brain activity and at the end of day just induce same brain activity to my friends then they will have same knowledge as i have. ….[still to write more]