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  • Problem while writing file in application directory

This is small AIR tip: use File.applicationStorageDirectory instead of File.applicationResourceDirectory.

I’ve stuck on this error

SecurityError: fileWriteResource
at runtime::SecurityManager$/checkPrivilegeForCaller()
at flash.filesystem::File/moveToAsync()
at copy_fla::MainTimeline/copy_fla::frame1()
at runtime::ContentPlayer/loadInitialContent()
at runtime::ContentPlayer/playRawContent()
at runtime::ContentPlayer/playContent()
at runtime::AppRunner/run()
at global/runtime::ADLEntry()

After some googling I’ve found this forum post. That’s quite interesting. This is answer from Kevin Hoyt:
“As part of the additional security features added to AIR Beta 2, applications are no longer permitted to write to the application resource directory. It is recommended that you use applicationStorageDirectory.”

I’m just curious if applicationResourceDirectory is there just for backward compability of there is some other reason like you know, where is you application installed.


  • getting current logged in user name:


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